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Adam Quang

Adam Quang is a registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Master level certification and has been teaching yoga since 1994. Adam currently lives in Toronto, Canada, and works as a yoga therapist specializing in building back muscles and improving flexibility. [ more at Adam Quang .com ]



1 Adam Quang Secret Journal of a yogi chair yoga book - soft cover via Amazon - IMG_2153In my late teens, I was hit by a car and suffered from back pain afterwards. Despite many x-rays and CAT scans, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Eventually the doctors told me that I was crazy and that “the pain was all in my head”. Determined not to accept my pain and fate, I set out on a journey to become stronger and to conquer my pain.

Following years of practicing yoga, I view the body as a mechanical machine. Aging is the result of the machine over-working along with the distress of repetition or over-stretching its limit. Yoga is the maintenance of the machine to balance and fine tune itself so that it can renew itself. I started a yoga therapy practice, helping people manage their pain, specializing in building back muscles and improving flexibility. I have also been teaching and training yoga teachers since 1994.

My travels have led me back to Asia where I had once abandoned my Buddhist training (some 30 years ago) to go to the west. This return to my roots has proven to be the perfect environment to write my “Chair Yoga: Secret Journal of a Yogi” book and do video recordings in Vietnam and Thailand. I use the ancient art of yoga (that was designed for bodies that squatted and sat on cushions from 3300 BC – 1700 BC) and redesign it to adapt to our chair-sitting/ high-heel wearing industrialized lifestyles that we have today. My goal was to deconstruct the mystique of the yoga pose and present it in simple movements and terminology so that it is accessible to everyone.

Secret Journal of a Yogi: Chair Yoga is a coffee table therapeutic yoga book series aimed at eliminating stress-induced pain in people who sit for prolonged periods of time.
[ Office l Travel l People with reduced mobility. ]

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