[ Since 2008 ] Programs are designed to help release stress and pain for people who sit for a prolonged period and people with limited mobility. Exercises are done on a chair with chair yoga techniques.

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The author of Secret Journal of a Yogi
Adam Quang helps bring more happiness into your life through wellness and art, since 1994.

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‘Give it a try, because you always think
“oh I can’t do it”
but once you do, you feel wonderful’


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Program are designed to help improves patients’ recovery in hospital and at home, as well as, minimizing their isolation through social engagement with attendees.
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“I definitely would recommend this class to anyone- even those who are a little shy to try! Adam encourages you to listen to your body, and teaches variations to the positions allowing you to maximize your experience.” Amandine [ See more testimonial videos below 👇 ]

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What to wear:

  • Comfortable gym clothes or clothes you can move in with ease and not cut off your circulation.
  • Please bring thick towel, yoga strap and a cushion (16×16).


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91 year young able to stand without assistance
Best golf score in his life after 1 wellness session.
Yoga Relieves Back Pain & Stiffness
Customized the program and tailored to fit your needs